Top Housing Options for Travel Nurses

Top Housing Options for Travel Nurses

Housing for travel nurses occurs in two options; stipend pay and agency placed housing. With stipend pay, you receive an allowance and make your housing arrangements. With a housing allowance, you can opt for extended stay hotels, sharing, or corporate housing services. With the agency placed housing, your staffing agency makes housing arrangements for you.

  • Extended Stay Hotels
    Extended stay hotels may not necessarily have all the requirements. They, however, have essentials as a living area, bed area as well as kitchenettes. However, you have to figure out how you are going to do your laundry and cleaning in a limited space. They are a good option since you may get assistance with your tidying.
  • Sharing
    If you don’t mind company in your private space, having a roommate is a good option. A roommate will ensure that you get oriented to your new location. They may also assist you in cutting down on the living costs.
  • Agency- Placed Housing
    Agencies have networks with housing providers; hence, they will help you snag satisfactory housing. As much as your preferences will be considered, you play a lesser role in the decision-making process.
  • Vacation Rental Sites
    They are essential to travel nurses who get assignments at their last minute and don’t have enough time for house hunting. Property owners on rental sites may be willing to rent an apartment for the course of your assignment. Contact your service provider directly to provide a rate that is customized to the duration of your stay. If you rent a room in someone’s house, it may become a roommate situation. If you rent during an off-peak season, you may have the entire house to yourself.
  • Corporate Housing
    Despite being the most expensive option, it is convenient for travel nurses. It provides most amenities that hotels offer, among them fully furnished apartments. The housing companies service these properties.

In conclusion, housing for a traveling nurse may be a daunting experience. Therefore, it is essential to do your due diligence in the event of house planning. Voice your housing concerns as well as your expectations to your recruiter for a wonderful experience.

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