You don’t have to do it all alone. Our caregivers will accompany you.

Chore Services

Our caregivers can help you with your chores at home. They can also run errands such as picking up prescriptions, going to the post office, etc. (Separate fuel charges may apply)

Grocery/General Shopping

Our care providers will shop with or without you accompanying them. They can shop at any store that you prefer and can use any coupons provided. We can also take you to your favorite stores, or our caregivers will do this for you. We make sure that we bought all the things that are on the list. (Separate charges may apply. Client will pay for all their grocery charges.)

Accompany to Appointments

We can accompany you to any of your trips may it be in your doctor’s appointments, barber shops, beauty salons, shopping, or wherever you want to go. Providing assistance for seniors in getting in and out of the car making sure that their health and comfort are not compromised. (Client will have to pay for all the transportation charges.)

Check-up Phone Calls

This service is just the ticket for those clients who may not need someone coming to their home every day, but they and their families can have peace of mind knowing if they need something, we will be checking in.


Whether it’s just eating a meal together or conversation and company, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a healthier and happier life. Whenever you need someone to talk to or share stories and concerns with, our caregivers are always ready to hear you out.

Recreational Activities

Whether it is cards, board games, or a walk in the park, our caregivers can help you stay active in mind, body and spirit. We also can take you to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities.

You can apply here or request a staff.